Private real estate has been one of the most attractive areas in alternative asset investment over the past decade with its share only increasing throughout the years. However, surrounding COVID-19 market distress in 2020, valuations were significantly impacted and the sector experienced a declining growth rate of new deal originations.

This, along with pressing demands of investors, has encouraged managers to implement a robust real estate management process from origination to portfolio monitoring backed by digitization and automation. With IVP’s Real Estate module, which comes equipped with tools specific to real estate investment, managers are provided with the ability to maintain control and increase transparency through the below key features and capabilities:

  1. Fully customizable deal life cycle workflow with the option to make updates based on changing requirements
  2. Portfolio analytics and transparency across funds, assets and properties
  3. Centralized and harmonized database with a single source of truth
  4. Built-in document management tool
  5. Real estate property-specific KPI tracking and analytics
  6. Out-of-the-box data integration adaptors with major real estate data providers
  7. ESG reporting packs with integration capabilities
  8. Integrated financial statement module to track deal financials and generate insights on portfolio investments

With the right solution, managers can source new deals and track existing ones with complete transparency and control – all while saving time and limiting the manual efforts they put forth to achieve data accuracy with process robustness.

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