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Automate Regulatory Reporting with Managed Services

Regulatory reporting is a notoriously complex and time-consuming process due to the number of filing-specific rules, deadlines and nuances asset managers must constantly track. For firms that lack a regulatory reporting subject matter expert in-house, the process is likely even more burdensome as the chance of experiencing filing delays and compliance-related risks escalates.

With these challenges top-of-mind, asset managers are increasingly seeking a regulatory managed services solution to help them automate operations, reduce the need for extensive data review and expedite filing time. Using IVP Regulatory Reporting as a Service, firms are able to reduce their end-to-end filing time by 80% and achieve 100% transparency through access to a complete audit trail. From initial form setup to final signoff, IVP manages every step in the regulatory reporting process.

IVP Regulatory Reporting as a Service offers critical benefits, such as:

  • Seamless data integration from any internal or external source
  • Data exception and validation at each step
  • Elimination of manual data validation and correction
  • Automation of form population processes
  • 100% transparency through access to a complete audit trail
  • Dramatic reduction of post-filing issues and amendments
  • Form population and L1 review
  • Scalability when adding new funds or datasets
  • KPI-based metrics tracking to ensure a quarter-over-quarter increase in process efficiency
  • 3-tier internal review system to ensure there are no errors in reports before sharing with the client for final signoff
  • Facilitation of a quarter-over-quarter comparison
  • Intervention reduced to one day
  • Test filing to resolve any unattended errors before PROD submission
  • Verification of file naming nuances and schema specifications
  • Jurisdiction deadline tracking for ESMA filings when/where applicable
  • Regular catch-up calls to track filing progress
  • Post-filing feedback calls to improve future deliverables

Regulatory managed services provides firms with a holistic solution for regulatory reporting. IVP Regulatory Reporting as a Service uses the power of automation to eliminate hassles and streamline the submission of filings across multiple jurisdictions, thereby increasing efficiency throughout the regulatory reporting process.

To learn more about IVP Regulatory Reporting as a Service, please visit or contact

Regulatory Reporting

Maximize regulatory reporting efficiency with automation. This solution handles regulatory filings, manages threshold breach disclosures, and integrates seamlessly with enterprise systems and fund admins.

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