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Automate Deal Lifecycle Management, Portfolio Monitoring, and Analytics for Private Funds

Assets under management in private markets ballooned to over $10 trillion in 2021, [1] as funds grew and managers branched out into real estate, financing infrastructure, and direct lending to companies. Yet some private fund managers have struggled to keep up with the pace of activity due to their continued reliance on esoteric manual processes and workflows. Coupled with challenges like deal complexity and demands for increased transparency, private fund managers’ agility and ability to rapidly scale up has suffered, making the case for a fully integrated, front-to-back platform more clear than ever before. 

With IVP for Private Funds, a single fully integrated platform, private fund managers are provided with tools to automate deal lifecycle management, improve portfolio monitoring activities, and enhance analytics and reporting, ultimately redefining their deal life cycle processes resulting in more informed decision-making, increased efficiency, and better performance. We explore these key benefits in further detail below: 

Automated Deal Lifecycle Management: Private fund managers can automate the entire deal lifecycle from start to finish. This includes everything from initial due diligence, analytics and compliance checks to portfolio management and monitoring for private markets. By automating these processes, managers can save time and money while ensuring that all deals are properly tracked and managed. 

Improved Portfolio Monitoring: Establishing a centralized golden data source makes it easier for managers to monitor their portfolios by simplifying dataflows, reducing duplication of data fetch, and removing the need for duplication of manual updates. Having all data in one place allows for simplified and streamlined deal tracking. 

Enhanced Analytics and Reporting: Deal analysis requires the right data. Too often, massive amounts of data can hinder accurate analysis, which can negatively impact portfolio performance. Centralized golden data lends itself to simplified and accurate reporting, which in turn provides a basis for better and more impactful analytics. Additionally, managers can create customized reports at the deal, fund, portfolio, and pipeline level to satisfy LP requests for greater transparency

How IVP Can Help 

The IVP for Private Funds platform provides a 360-degree view of the deal lifecycle with complete transparency. It can be used for a wide range of portfolio data management functions, from streamlining the data collection process to providing analytical dashboards and information required for investor reporting. 

By standardizing financial data templates and eliminating the need for manual intervention across portfolio companies, the generation of relevant insights and reporting is made easier. IVP for Private Funds also helps users identify patterns in other business or financial metrics data by analyzing the data across portfolio companies, sectors, and industries. 

Additional features of IVP for Private Funds include:

  • Fully customizable to accommodate any unique data point and reporting format
  • Out-of-the-box reporting dashboards that provide a summarized view of all data
  • KPI tracking and management
  • Tracking and management of financials and covenants using inbuilt machine learning algorithms
  • Data adaptors to many third-party aggregators
  • Fully customizable closed-deal blotters with data audit capabilities
  • Real-time mobile access to portfolios

To learn more,  please visit IVP for Private Funds or contact  

[1] Dawn Lim & David Brooke, “The Boom in Private Markets Has Transformed Finance. Here’s How,” Bloomberg, June 14, 2022.

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