Automating Deal Management and Portfolio
Monitoring for Private Debt

Scaling your Private debt business while maintaining
transparency and control

The webinar shows how funds can transition private debt fund processes from fragmented, multi-vendor systems or manual, spreadsheet-driven workflows to an automated, integrated, and scalable platform.

In this webinar, see how industry-leading private debt funds are scaling AUM in the low interest rate era by migrating critical workflows to a single, integrated, front-to-back platform that covers deal lifecycle, deal modeling, performance management, fund compliance, scenario modeling on returns, and portfolio monitoring, all of which is backed by expert managed services.


  • Deal pipeline management
  • Portfolio data management
  • Performance, analytics and reporting (UW vs Actual vs projection IRRs)
  • Mobility solutions

Speakers :

Rahul Sharma
Product Manager & Subject Matter Expert
Indus Valley Partners

Piyush Singhi
Director, IVP for Credit
Indus Valley Partners

*IVP subject matter experts have extensive experience delivering solutions that help private debt funds transform operations and IT processes.

Key takeaways:

  • How to eliminate manual processes and associated risks in portfolio data monitoring and reporting
  • How to leverage centralized and harmonized data for performance calculation and reporting

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