Mindmeld 2021 Recap

In an industry that inherently thrives on in-person collaboration and conversation, asset managers showcased their resiliency and ability to adapt under extreme circumstances over the past 18 months, creating what we now know to be our new normal.

Gurvinder Singh
CEO, Indus Valley Partners

In October 2021, buy-side leaders and Indus Valley Partners subject matter experts from around the globe gathered virtually for the 8th annual Mindmeld conference. During this multi-day event, attendees were provided with exclusive insights on how firms are leveraging the remote work environment to their advantage, the acceleration of change management efforts to reduce costs and strengthen core functions, and the rise of the virtualized
operating model.

Kicking off the conference, four key trends were identified and further supported by the challenges and demands discussed, as well as participants’ responses to survey poll questions prompted throughout each session.

Trend #1:
Data & Analytics Become Key Pillar for Success


The area of data and analytics is beginning to create a noticeable differentiation between fund managers. Those that have found success have recognized the need for a flexible reference architecture to not only manage the explosion of data and leverage their growing number of outsourcing providers more efficiently, but to also service the analytic needs that are rising in the front office. With this design pattern in place, fund managers can experience both a reduction of costs and operating risk.

Which stage of transition are you in the data strategy evolution cycle?

Where are you planning to invest in the next two years?

Trend #2:
Outsourcing is Poised to Experience Substantial Growth


A new virtual asset management operating model is emerging with digital-first outsourcing providers sitting at the forefront of the transformation. Recognizing a growing desire to be able to ingest and control data from a variety of different sources, these providers are equipping managers with the services and technology they need to be able to exchange datasets intraday, monitor outsourced functions in real time and maintain bitemporal time series for audit and transparency. Although still in its early stages, managers who begin to enable this new virtualized model can potentially experience permanent cost reductions of 15-40%.

Do you have full transparency into day-to-day operations via service provider systems or direct API/data integrations?

Are you thinking about implementing a digital-first type of model post-COVID?

Trend #3:
Private Funds Continue to Grow While Navigating Through Stress


Continuing to gain strength in today’s low yield environment, private fund managers are simultaneously struggling behind closed doors. Although their AUM has seemingly exploded overnight, many are still running disconnected processes that are difficult to scale, leading them to realize their need for an integrated front-to-back solution that seamlessly connects their core functions and provides them with a 360-degree view of each deal. This will, in turn, eliminate operating risks by reducing the use of spreadsheets, helping funds manage complexity and creating unified reporting as a “golden source” of data.

Are you able to track key KPIs for your portfolio companies in a systematic manner?

How automated is your process from beginning to end?

Trend #4:
ESG Gains Momentum but Practical Challenges Remain


With regulatory and voluntary regimes gaining ground across the financial industry, ESG is becoming top of mind for both traditional and alternative asset managers. This rising momentum has forced many into action to plan for the implementation of ESG programs over the next 12 to 18 months. Data in this space, however, remains one of the biggest hurdles standing in the way of success as these managers face challenges related to its timeliness, transparency, integrity and subjectivity, as well as the inherent variability between different providers.

Have you subscribed to ESG market data providers?

ESG & Impact Investing Tracking: In what capacity do you need to track at your fund?

2021 Featured Speakers

Diane Altieri
Chief Operating Officer, White Oak Global Advisors
Andrew Archer
Chief Technology Officer, CVC Credit
Damion Brown
Head of Credit Operations/Finance, Managing Director, MidOcean Partners
Joe Carroll
Chief Development Officer, Public Trust
Thomas A. Connors
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer, Octagon Credit Investors
Stephen Simmons, CFA, FRM
Head of Data and Performance Reporting, Credit Platform, H.I.G. Capital
Brynn Coursey Heegan
Head of Operational Due Diligence, Managing Director, Lyxor Asset Management Inc.
Sharad Dutta
Chief Technology Officer, Ares Management Corporation
Jason Hubschman
Chief Operating Officer & Head of Products and Solutions, Lyxor Asset Management
Peter Manion
Managing Director, Napier Park Global Capital
Todd Marsh
Head of Operations, Benefit Street Partners
Jonathan Zhukovsky
Chief Technology Officer, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors