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IVP Industry Platforms

IVP Industry Platforms provide end-to-end solutions that encompass all the critical aspects of select industries, fund types, and investment strategies that involve a level of complexity that exceeds the scope of a single solution. These platforms reflect our extensive experience, industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges these situations pose. Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, our platforms help improve operational efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making. They are scalable and customizable for rapidly changing strategic objectives, regulatory requirements, and operational workflows.

How our clients benefit

Our clients are always looking to improve performance and gain a competitive edge

They need a partner that:

Knows their operating model

Lowers total costs

Fosters sharper insights

Improves control

Frees up resources

Improves productivity

Future-proofs operations

Anticipates challenges & risks

Delivers practical, best-in-class solutions

Enables flexibility


Delivering Value Across The Enterprise

Front to Back Office

IVP for Private Funds

IVP for Private Funds streamlines workflow for private debt, private equity funds, real estate funds, infrastructure funds, asset managers, and fund managers.


IVP for Credit

IVP credit management software helps private debt, tradable credit, structured credit, and CLOs in increasing efficiency and accuracy.


IVP for Master Data Management

IVP MDM integrates seamlessly, enabling firms to improve data quality and use it easily, efficiently, and economically across the enterprise.

We Partner With The Best
By The Numbers

4.2 $TN+

AUM managed using
IVP technology

1.6 $TN+

AUM reported through Regulatory Reporting Platform


Strategy & Bespoke
projects delivered


Fund managers using
IVP Solutions


Fund managers using IVP “Digital-First” Managed Services


Global Hedge fund AUM running through IVP products

IVP Explorer

Finding The Right Solutions

IVP’s offering has the breadth found at the largest global, multi-line technology providers combined with the specialized knowledge, innovation, and service found at leading boutiques.

Asset Management
CLO Managers
Credit Managers
Family Offices
Fund of Funds
Infrastructure Funds
Long Biased Funds
Long Short Funds
Private Debt Managers
Private Equity
Real Estate Funds
Special Situations


Higher Efficiency, Scalability, and Flexibility

Case Study

$95B Fund Scales Up Middle and Back Office Operations


IVP for Master Data Management


Leveraging Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


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Schedule a call with an IVP expert. Our knowledge doesn’t just skim the surface, it runs deep, enabling us to help you leverage technology to the fullest for even the most specialized investment strategies.