Maximize Growth Potential in your Middle and Back Office

A two-part webinar series for asset managers

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Part – 1 | Elevating Middle-Office Operations

Part – 2 | Streamlining the Reconciliation Process

Learn how to streamline the investment life cycle, scale up operating models, and dramatically reduce costs with “Digital first” services.

Schedule & Agenda

Elevating Middle-Office Operations

  • Why traditional middle office services do not help generate alpha
  • Maximizing cost control, efficiency, and transparency in the middle office
  • Preview of IVP Middle Office Services
  • Q&A

Streamlining the Reconciliation Process

  • Why the current reconciliation process hinders performance
  • Streamlining reconciliation with artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Preview of IVP Reconciliation as a Service
  • Q&A

Key Takeaways

  • How to achieve cost efficiency, operational expertise, full control and transparency in the middle office
  • Expediting exception management with AI/ML-based data integration and consolidation in the reconciliation process
  • The benefits of institutionalizing a mature middle-office as a service strategy
  • How choosing the right strategic partner can help alleviate middle-office challenges

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Streamlining the Reconciliation Process Webinar


Elevating Middle-Office Operations Webinar