Manage ESG data effectively, align with global mandates, and streamline disclosures


Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing is an increasingly important offering, one driven by a complex matrix of factors as well as regulatory and voluntary requirements. ESG data can be difficult to control, compliance can be complicated, and execution can be demanding.

IVP offers an ESG Center of Excellence designed to help asset managers establish a reliable framework for ESG investing that supports accurate and efficient portfolio construction, asset allocation, risk management and compliance, and regulatory reporting.

Expense Allocation Hedge Fund


  • Data Sourcing from Structured and NLP Vendors

  • Data Cleansing, Enrichment, and Validation

  • Automated Generation of TCFD and SASB Reporting

  • Overlap with SASB Materiality Framework for Industry Materiality Maps

  • Data Integration for SFDR and UNPRI Reporting

  • Rich Formatting and Editing

  • Data Drill-down for Numerical Calculations


Moving into ESG investing has a number of implications for funds. Our advisory team works directly with asset managers to discuss the opportunity and develop an implementation plan. The end result is typically a top-down structural framework for managing ESG mandates. Depending on the firm’s situation, this framework can include management of reference data, market data, and transaction data as well as factor attribution, performance tracking, and reporting.


The ESG platform from IVP provides the consulting and solutions required to plan and implement a complete framework for ESG investing. This process includes two phases of engagement and can include a wide array of functional implementation of the core ESG analytics offering.

Phase 1

  • ESG reference data management
  • Materiality framework construction
  • ESG data vendor integration
  • Cross-linking ESG and materiality factors and metrics
    • With investible universe
    • With current investments
  • ESG limits tracking
  • Exposure and performance attribution
  • TCFD | SASB | SFDR | UNPRI Disclosures

Phase 2

  • Portfolio construction
  • Asset allocation


Higher Efficiency

Reduce time devoted to ESG data sourcing, cleansing, and preparation.

Improved Accuracy

Structured templates, pre-populated answers, and rich text editing allow accurate report generation.

Lower Risks

Streamline specific ESG workflows to reduce operational compliance risks.

Simpler Workflow

Integrate all ESG reports and disclosures within a single platform for an easier approach.


With IVP Managed Services, IVP Regulatory Reporting (Raptor) enables “ESG as a Service.”

Empowered by digital-first technologies, our highly experienced regulatory analysts perform the “heavy lifting” of ESG compliance, including data sourcing, cleansing, and report preparation, reviewing all data to check for errors in structure, grammar, and numerical calculation. This first-level validation streamlines later approvals for a more efficient overall approach.