Designing a Robust and Scalable
Expense Allocation Process that Lasts

  • Date: Thursday, January 27th, 2022
  • Time: 11:00 AM EST

Expense allocation continues to be a challenge for asset managers due to expense rules that differ between funds, leading to their continued use of error-prone spreadsheets.

In this webinar, Indus Valley Partners subject matter experts will provide a blueprint for designing a robust expense allocation process and discuss how firms are achieving success with automated expense management.

Experts will also share insight on industry best practices and demonstrate how to implement immediate checks and controls, fix leaks and how to best focus on low effort, high-value targets.


  • Common challenges facing the industry
  • Key elements of designing a foolproof process
  • How to remove discretion from the expense allocation process and reduce errors
  • Key benefits of possessing a robust expense allocation policy
  • Preview of a fully automated expense management and allocation model


Ashish Kumar Jain | Director, IVP Expense Allocation Solution | Indus Valley Partners

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