Modernizing the Data Architecture
within Asset Management

  • Date: Tuesday, October 5th
  • Time: 11:00 am EST

This webinar will propose a full-scale data strategy for adopting a comprehensive cloud analytics platform to help firms navigate the challenges coinciding with the fast-paced evolution of the data architecture stack.

Indus Valley Partners subject matter experts will discuss the paradigm shifts from traditional SQL databases to a modern data warehousing and analytics ecosystem. It will also emphasize the need for enterprise data management to support diverse data sets with a data quality underpinning for the very large databases (VLDBs) in the asset management industry.


  • Data management pipeline evaluation approaches
  • Use case based data warehouse / data lake architecture
  • High performance analytics for time series data


Deepak Sawardekar
Managing Director, Consulting
Indus Valley Partners

Tushar Shah
Director, Technology and Data Architecture
Indus Valley Partners

Key Takeaways

  • Technology scaling in data warehouse architectures
  • Speed to market for analytics and insights
  • Solution architecture for real-time data warehousing

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Architecture within Asset Management” webinar

Modernizing the Data
Architecture within Asset Management Webinar