Streamlining Cash Settlements
in the New World

How to solve the challenges associated with a
manual payment settlement process


Buy-side firms have found themselves at a crossroads in the majority-remote environment as the rise of automation has taken shape to help mitigate the effects of several fragmented and decentralized processes. Specifically, within the area of cash management, firms continue to manually track, map and verify banking details through the use of spreadsheets and manual processes, which are inherently error-prone and time-consuming.

In this Video on Demand webinar, we explored industry-wide best practices for solving the challenges of manual cash settlement through tightly controlled and fully transparent automation.


  • Efficient Management of a Payment Ecosystem – Workflows, Checks and Controls
  • Integrating Different Payment Methods – SWIFT, ACH, CHAPS, BACS, Faster Payments
  • SSI Management – Workflows, Audit, Callbacks
  • FX and Security Settlements
  • Upstream and Downstream Integration
  • Demo of IVP Cash Master

Key takeaways

  • Best practices to resolve and prevent common problems within the payment process
  • Key steps for integration with SWIFT and other payment methods
  • How to build a seamless communication platform with banks and other counterparties
  • Checks and controls to reduce risks and fraudulent activities

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Streamlining Cash Settlements in the New World Webinar