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Exploring the Benefits of Efficient Cash Management for Asset Managers

By May 26, 2021 No Comments
Exploring benefits of efficient cash management for asset managers

In today’s ever evolving and competitive environment, asset managers are continually seeking new ways to streamline their processes and increase overall productivity. Coinciding with this trend, the area of cash management has grown in importance – most notably as an aid in daily decision-making – leading to the need for managers to align themselves with a systematic cash management system that can help them achieve a number of benefits, such as:

Efficiency: With automated wire generation, manual processes for payments such as paper-based transactions are eliminated. It also provides users with the flexibility to carry out multiple payment instructions in a single wire rather than multiple transactions, as seen in the traditional approach.

Accuracy: A failproof cash management system can be very helpful in improving overall accuracy as it minimizes the risk of human error, which is especially crucial when dealing with large transaction volumes. It also provides the option to explore multiple levels of transaction data and the ability to develop detailed audit trails with a time stamp filter. With this information, asset managers can uncover insights by analyzing their payments data and generate comprehensive reports.

Security: A centralized cash management operation system is essential to improve security as it allows managers to flexibly access, audit and track payments data. This is due to the fact that all cash, security and FX payments are unified, and a central reference data repository is used for dynamic fetching.

Transaction Costs: With the above features taken into consideration, transaction costs associated with one’s portfolio are automatically reduced. Using custom adaptors, managers can auto-create transactions and wires from downstream OMS and enterprise systems.

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