Capturing and Consuming “Digital Breadcrumbs” and the New Era of Man+Machine

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Gurvinder Singh CEO of IVP at Buy Side Technology Summit 2017

Indus Valley Partners’ CEO and Co-founder Gurvinder Singh spoke on the alterative data panel at the 2017 Buy Side Technology Summit

At Thursday’s Buy Side Technology Summit in New York, Indus Valley Partners’ CEO and Co-founder Gurvinder Singh spoke on the alterative data panel where discussion centered around the idea of digital breadcrumbs, how firms are sourcing new data sets, how funds can capture and consume these new data sets and how data science and machine learning skills are permeating the traditional finance industry.

One of the first key points of the discussion focused on “Digital Breadcrumbs” and how they are generated by interactions of a company in today’s digital world. Shipment data from port manifests, hiring data from LinkedIn, weather data, aerial surveys, and product reviews on websites are of increasing interest to funds who are looking to derive trends to create an information edge over competitors.

A second point of discussion centered on the task of capturing and consuming these alterative data sets, which can be done via IVP Sentiment, a module of the product IVP Decision Science. Funds that try to leverage alterative data quickly face the challenge of how to take these data sets, often non-numeric in nature and derive tangible trends. Utilizing a modeling toolkit like IVP Sentiment, funds can better grasp insights from these data sets and generate sentiments that will help generate predictive signals.

As the industry continues to crave advancements in technology, data and data analysis, there comes an exponentially high demand for new skills. The final key point within the discussion emphasizes that now more than ever before, skills such as data science, machine learning and supervised/unsupervised learning are needed to help a fund remain competitive and increase its assets. The advancements in how funds utilize and analyze data is quickly bringing on a new era of man+machine, an idea that the two working together are more powerful that just man or machine alone.

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