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Understanding the Importance of Data Lineage Tools

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In today’s data-driven environment, it has become increasingly crucial for asset managers to maintain full visibility into the lifecycle of their data – how it transforms and flows from its source to destination. With this, data lineage tools have grown in importance to help firms track changes made to their data, find and fix gaps, and see which processes were used when their data was updated. This not only enhances data quality, but it also instills confidence in managers that the data they are using in decision-making is accurate.

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Hedge Funds Seek GIPS 2020 Compliance as Transparency Demands Mount

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Since their introduction in 1999, the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) have been recognized as industry best practice for providing investors with a better understanding of historical investment performance among global investment management firms. Due to the fact that these standards give asset owners more confidence and trust over performance reporting, along with increased transparency, there is now a visible growing interest in attaining GIPS compliance among the hedge fund community.
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Cloud-based data management solution helps buy-side firms achieve data maturity

Moving Up the Data Maturity Curve

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In their quest to tap and retain a competitive edge, asset managers have begun seeking new ways to leverage their data to their advantage to produce meaningful, alpha-generating insights. However, through their continued use of patchwork systems, many have quickly come to realize they lack the proper infrastructure in place to accurately and efficiently manage data – greatly hindering their ability to reach the long sought-after state of data maturity and insights delivery.

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Complexities of data management in Private credit ecosystem

Addressing Complexities of Data Management in the Private Credit Ecosystem

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Following the pandemic and market volatility that ensued in its earlier days, private debt assets have hit new highs with total AUM reaching $887 billion as of June 2020 [1]. To address this immense growth, however, deal/fund structures – along with operations and technology – have become far more complex, especially for those creative deals that have been designed to align with higher risk tolerance.

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