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Bitemporal Point-in-Time Data

Bitemporal: Point-in-Time Data

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In an age where the importance of data needs no emphasis, it is no surprise that asset managers have begun to accelerate their collection of information from multiple sources in varying amounts. These sources can range from a file provided by a broker or fund admin to a market data provider. Although it rarely occurs, there are times when historical data can be incorrectly provided or maintained by the data source. In a unitemporal scenario, a user can rectify the historical record of data for the timeframe in which inaccurate data was provided or maintained. However, in doing so, the user erases the previous record that was once thought of as correct.
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Data Governance Engine for Driving Growth in the Finance Industry

Data Governance: Engine for Driving Growth in the Finance Industry

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Organizational success depends on certain core building blocks that work in alignment with common business objectives. These main building blocks include business activities, data and analytics, but we believe the most important ingredient to organizational success is data governance. Although it has been somewhat of an abstract concept until now, data governance has been shown to provide cohesion in the standards to align people, processes, data and technology for successful and sustainable results while simultaneously helping organizations leverage data as a corporate asset.

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Governing the Data with IVP EDM

Data Will Drive the Future, so We Must get Its Governance Right

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Why is Data so Critical?

Data is essential to the operational success of any financial institution. The importance of data has never been greater due to the firms and people who rely on it to make key business decisions. The rising popularity of algorithmic trading, machine learning and artificial intelligence has only further fueled the power of data. With power comes great responsibility, and the need to protect, control and maintain data is essential for firms to succeed with proper data management.

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