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New Headwinds Shaping Buy-Side Treasury

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With volatility peaking in the last four weeks due to escalating COVID-19 pandemic concerns, asset managers have witnessed a spiralling effect on their liquidity and collateral books across counterparties. With a threefold increase in the operational dynamics of cash and collateral sweeps, fund managers navigating this environment must seek to strategically execute collateral and margin management.

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COVID-19 and Our New Operational Reality

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We hope all of you and your loved ones are remaining safe and healthy during this unprecedented global health and economic crisis. Through our regular interactions with clients and teams across the globe, it has been inspiring to hear how everyone is adapting to the current environment while maintaining a positive attitude. I’m always humbled by the resiliency of our industry.

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COVID-19 implications on Short Selling Restrictions Across the Globe

COVID-19 Implications on Short-Selling Restrictions

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Since March, financial market participants have witnessed a storm of extreme volatility that has forced regulatory bodies to bring significant changes to the short-selling rules across global equity markets. While a majority of the jurisdictions in the European Union have decided to reduce the threshold from 0.2% to 0.1%, jurisdictions hit hard with the current pandemic like France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Austria have decided to ban short selling for a brief period of one month. In Asia and the Middle East, jurisdictions like South Korea and the UAE have also decided to ban short selling in an effort to combat the virus’ negative impact. Jurisdictions across other continents in less threatening situations have explicitly highlighted that they are keeping a close watch on the current status of the pandemic and would not shy away from taking requisite actions in order to maintain sanity in the financial system.

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SEC extends Regulatory filing in-light of COVID–19

COVID-19 Prompts SEC to Extend Regulatory Filing and Delivery Deadlines

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Amid coronavirus’ growing impact on both the health of citizens and institutions around the globe, authoritative organizations everywhere have taken action to help ease some of the burdens that are coinciding with nationwide lockdowns, closures of non-essential businesses and more. In an effort to mitigate the potential ramifications of the virus on financial market participants, the SEC has announced this month that it will be extending filing deadlines for a number of regulatory obligations including Form ADV, Form PF and Brochure Delivery.
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