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Transforming Operations to Support New business during COVID-19

Transforming Operations to Support an Emerging Business Focus During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to reevaluate their business structures through both an internal and external lens in the new all-remote work environment. According to a recent IVP survey of leading alternative funds, 23% of managers claimed that they would be shifting their staff to a permanent work-from-home model in the post-pandemic world. This has not only placed an immense burden on managers but their teams as well, forcing many to make crucial decisions that may have a lasting impact on company culture, hiring processes and operations. In order to continue operating efficiently in the new environment, managers must seek to tackle key issues such as: Read More

Regulatory Relief and Key Conditions for firms During COVID-19

Regulatory Relief and Key Conditions for Firms During COVID-19

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s potential impact on firms, the SEC has come forward with several contingency and relief measures in an effort to ease the regulatory burdens that investment advisors and stakeholders may be facing in the new all-remote work environment.

During the earlier days of the pandemic, the SEC announced that they were extending filing deadlines for a number of regulatory obligations including Form ADV, Form PF and Brochure Delivery. Now, both the SEC and NFA continue to monitor how the market is functioning as well as impending risks that may be lingering in this new environment in order to be able to provide swift guidance and relief to impacted parties if needed while still maintaining continuity of operations.

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