Regain Control of Reporting and Analytics


As buy-side firms undergo vital digital transformation, they struggle with siloed data management, rigid models, workflows lacking self-serviceability, and decentralized data. In this webinar, Indus Valley Partners’ subject matter experts discuss growth of data-driven capabilities and how funds can streamline reporting, gain insights, and boost data driven decision making.

Key Takeaways
  • Collate, cleanse, enrich, and manage enterprise data from virtually any source
  • Track performance using internal, fund admin, broker, counterparty, and third-party data
  • Identify and resolve reporting gaps
  • Support GIPS compliance
  • Design ad hoc reports quickly and easily
  • Regulate and manage compliance with highly granular control
  • Product Demo: IVP Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Our cloud data warehouse solution makes it easy to collate, cleanse, enrich, and manage enterprise data from internal systems, fund admins, brokers, and third-party systems for performance reporting, regulatory reporting, analytics, and more.

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