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Transforming Regulatory Reporting with Managed Services

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Tranforming Regulatory Reporting with Managed Services

Regulatory reporting has always been a challenging arena for buy-side market participants due to the wide range of data, formats and guidelines expected by numerous regulators at varying frequencies. To be able to meet jurisdiction-wide reporting deadlines, firms must go through an extensive data extraction, restructuring and clean-up process. Additionally, draft forms need to be properly reviewed and signed off on to ensure that nothing is missed in the long and burdensome process of report generation.

While having a regulatory reporting platform goes a long way in making the report generation process smoother, easier and less dependent on manual intervention, the burden of coordinating the entire process still largely ends up on the end users. To tackle this challenge and offload efforts, a robust platform with added compliance support and filing assistance is the perfect solution.

By combining IVP Regulatory Reporting solution, Raptor with “digital-first” managed services, firms can effectively outsource regulatory reporting while maintaining complete control over the report generation and filing process. The IVP Regulatory Reporting as a Service team – comprising highly experienced compliance analysts, operations analysts and application engineers – aims to reduce the involvement of the client to only final review and sign off.

Beginning with data collection down to final XML submission, IVP handles every step of the process while providing full transparency to its clients. Key offerings of IVP Managed Services include:

  • Takeover of data sourcing, validation, cleaning and form population
  • Complete coordination with various internal client teams that are relevant to the reporting process
  • 3-tier internal review system to ensure there are no errors in reports before sharing with the client for final sign off
  • Full transparency with a number drill down and “audit anytime” access for clients
  • Scalability when clients need to add new funds or data sets
  • Continuous improvement from leveraging new technologies to optimize efficiency
  • Assistance on regulatory guidelines, reporting methodology and FAQs
  • Comprehensive process runbook that covers the details of every step in the filing process
  • KPI-based metric tracking to ensure a quarter-over-quarter increase in process efficiency

This white-glove approach to clients’ regulatory reporting requirements dramatically reduces efforts and required resources while ensuring there are no post-filing issues or amendments. All of this, combined with 100% transparency provided by a thorough audit trail, makes IVP Regulatory Reporting as a Service an unparalleled solution for firms’ multi-jurisdictional reporting needs.

Join IVP experts to hear about the benefits of a ‘Digital First’ model for regulatory reporting.

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