IVP’s OMS is a fully configurable, lightweight order management system, capable of natively supporting any complex asset class to capture relevant trade details, eliminating operational risk in the trade capture process.

Key Features

  • The IVP OMS lets you design your own trade tickets ensuring that all trade details are captured in their true form
  • Built-in automated connectivity to incoming fills via VCON, AIM, FIX, etc. as well as PBs, Admins, Counterparties & Matching Systems for trade reporting
  • Supported by n-level, configurable allocation, Compliance & Approval, and Verification workflow. Also supported by IVP SecMaster/RefMaster/EDM
  • Enabled with Bloomberg VCONTM connectivity

Order & Fills Capture

Fully Configurable Tickets for any Security Types
Real-time Security Creation from Bloomberg & other vendors
Rule based Calculations & Validations

Allocation Engine

Standard multi-level Allocation Rules:
1. Pro-rata
2. Target %
3. Manual
Pluggable to configure any custom Allocation Methods

Compliance Engine

Pre-Trade Compliance
Check for All Orders
Integrated with IVP Polaris Compliance Module
Configurable Compliance Rules and Approval Workflow

VCON | AIM | FIX Connectivity

Out-of-the-box support for Bloomberg AIM and VCON connectivity
Parse incoming FIX messages to capture Fills automatically
Support for capturing Fills manualy

Control & Automation

Exception Monitoring
Configurable Workflow & State Transition
Seamless Integration with A/C System
Trade Reporting for Prime Brokers, Fund Admins and others

Enhanced Performance

Stress tested for 50+ parallel users
Upload 10K trades in bulk in a go
15K+ New Securities autocreated (incl. Underliers)
Handles 10+ parallel Bulk Load threads

Key benefits

  • Configurability makes the system and in turn, your organization, truly future-proof
  • Automated connectivity to upstream and downstream system, reducing operational overhead and the risk of human errors
  • Embedded, built-in workflow improves operational efficiency and provides a detailed audit for each user action

Exhaustive Out-of-the-box Coverage