Promoting a BetterLYFTM for Employees

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As staff members continue to confront the challenges of working from home, management teams have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to employees by prioritizing their well-being and mental health. Through conversations between management and their respective teams, we at Indus Valley Partners were quick to act against the impact of COVID-19 on our employees’ health and have continued to extend our support with the recent launch of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in partnership with BetterLYF.
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Understanding the Importance of Data Lineage Tools

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In today’s data-driven environment, it has become increasingly crucial for asset managers to maintain full visibility into the lifecycle of their data – how it transforms and flows from its source to destination. With this, data lineage tools have grown in importance to help firms track changes made to their data, find and fix gaps, and see which processes were used when their data was updated. This not only enhances data quality, but it also instills confidence in managers that the data they are using in decision-making is accurate.

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Enhancing the Reconciliation Process with an Efficient Automated Solution

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At first glance, reconciliation is a simple financial close activity where at the end of every financial cycle, the matching of “settled” trade, position and cash transactions takes place – something that asset managers have been doing for decades and has presumably mastered. However, with their continued use of spreadsheets and legacy tools, reconciliation is considered very laborious, risk-laden, and time-consuming, limiting the potential for operational efficiency and increasing the need for an automated solution.

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