Dealing with pricing anomalies for Illiquid OTC 7 private assets

Dealing with pricing anomalies for Illiquid OTC and private assets

How IVP Price Master can help reduce complexities faced throughout the pricing process

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Due the fact that hedge funds deal in both liquid or illiquid assets, a number of added nuances and complexities tend to have an impact on the pricing process. Prices of liquid instruments are readily available and less disputable, which is why those that deal in liquid instruments, such as long-short, global macro and activist funds, have a more straightforward pricing process. For funds that deal in illiquid assets, such as swaps, ABS, MBS, bank debt, loans and private deals, the pricing process is a much more involved exercise for each of the following reasons: Read More

Regulatory Relief and Key Conditions for firms During COVID-19

Regulatory Relief and Key Conditions for Firms During COVID-19

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s potential impact on firms, the SEC has come forward with several contingency and relief measures in an effort to ease the regulatory burdens that investment advisors and stakeholders may be facing in the new all-remote work environment.

During the earlier days of the pandemic, the SEC announced that they were extending filing deadlines for a number of regulatory obligations including Form ADV, Form PF and Brochure Delivery. Now, both the SEC and NFA continue to monitor how the market is functioning as well as impending risks that may be lingering in this new environment in order to be able to provide swift guidance and relief to impacted parties if needed while still maintaining continuity of operations.

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