New York, April 28, 2017: Indus Valley Partners (IVP), a leading provider of technology solutions to alternative asset managers, released their key themes from the annual Mind Meld Hedge Fund Forum, held on April 20th in New York City.

The IVP Mind Meld Hedge Fund Forum was attended by some of the most notable CFOs, CTOs, CROs and CIOs within the alternative asset management industry. Collectively representing an AUM of over $900 billion, the forum run under Chatham House Rules identified a number of key themes facing alternative mangers.

IVP Mind Meld Key Themes:

AI and Machine Learning helps to address the Data Deluge: Volume, velocity and variety of data will overwhelm Asset Managers unless they leverage an entirely new set of tools and techniques. Machine Learning, Big Data platforms and AI will become a need to have not a nice to have. A hybrid Man/Machine platform will be the likely outcome as opposed to Man being replaced entirely by Algos and AI.

Mobility: The cloud-hosted platform will become the norm. The economics are too compelling to ignore. Traditional user interfaces will be replaced by more fluid user experiences online. Security concerns are diminishing every year as more and more personal data moves to the cloud.

Governance: Data governance becomes a strategic imperative. The data deluge combined with the availability and accessibility of data (via mobile/cloud) requires that digital assets be safeguarded in the same way as assets under management.

During the forum, IVP also unveiled and demonstrated a number of cutting-edge technologies that were being incorporated across their product suite, such as “bots” that continuously scan the markets for price patterns or breaking news that may affect a trading counter party and self-learning pattern-matching algorithms for data reconciliation.

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Founded in 2000, Indus Valley Partners has more than 130 global asset managers and private equity funds among its client base. $1.3 trillion of global hedge fund AUM is managed using IVP technology.

Specializing in portfolio management technology for alternative asset managers, IVP provides flexible and modular solutions that can be tailored to the specific requirements of any portfolio or fund.

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