Promoting a BetterLYFTM for Employees

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As staff members continue to confront the challenges of working from home, management teams have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to employees by prioritizing their well-being and mental health. Through conversations between management and their respective teams, we at Indus Valley Partners were quick to act against the impact of COVID-19 on our employees’ health and have continued to extend our support with the recent launch of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in partnership with BetterLYF.

The EAP consists of online counselling services provided by trained and experienced professionals for our full-time staff, trainees and interns. Through this partnership with BetterLYF, employees are able to confidentially register themselves for the service, utilize a set of mental well-being tools and directly reach out to a trained counsellor for support and guidance.

The objective of the EAP is to provide our employees with a safe place to openly share their thoughts and emotions with the ultimate goal of helping them manage and maintain their mental well-being during the pandemic. With its launch, employees have shared extremely encouraging feedback on the impact of the program and difference it has made to their lives.

We at Indus Valley Partners have always placed well-being at the forefront of our company policies and, like everything else, these policies have evolved over time to ensure that the needs of our employees are being met. From open conversations and surveys to formal/informal touchpoints, we are able to quickly identify areas where our focus is required – helping us form the framework of our future well-being initiatives and programs.

To us, the creation of the EAP is a small yet significant step towards bettering the overall health of our employees. This is because at the very core of our corporate strategy and employee-focused initiatives lies a strong intent: the intent to create a culture that enables and creates space for individual happiness, success and growth.

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