Master Data Management

Cloud-based data management solution helps buy-side firms achieve data maturity

Moving Up the Data Maturity Curve

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In their quest to tap and retain a competitive edge, asset managers have begun seeking new ways to leverage their data to their advantage to produce meaningful, alpha-generating insights. However, through their continued use of patchwork systems, many have quickly come to realize they lack the proper infrastructure in place to accurately and efficiently manage data – greatly hindering their ability to reach the long sought-after state of data maturity and insights delivery.

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Complexities of data management in Private credit ecosystem

Addressing Complexities of Data Management in the Private Credit Ecosystem

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Following the pandemic and market volatility that ensued in its earlier days, private debt assets have hit new highs with total AUM reaching $887 billion as of June 2020 [1]. To address this immense growth, however, deal/fund structures – along with operations and technology – have become far more complex, especially for those creative deals that have been designed to align with higher risk tolerance.

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Data Governance solution for Buy-Side Digital transformation

Master Data Management for the Buy-Side Digital Transformation

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As managers continue to seek ways to improve their business continuity after COVID-19 drastically uprooted the workplace, many have turned their focus toward accelerating their digital transformation using a data governance solution. In the realm of data management, buy-side firms are making significant inroads by leveraging digital-first providers to propel themselves further up the data maturity curve and along in their journey.

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Integration with alternative data providers in healthcare

Integration with Alternative Data Providers in Healthcare

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Looking back to when some of the major stock indexes plunged in March, it was unclear just how much of an impact COVID-19 would have on the financial markets, let alone on society as a whole. But, as we cross a year into the pandemic, we can now see that while this year’s market volatility has created many challenges, it has also uncovered opportunities and areas ripe for investment.

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Perspective on the benefits of a Master Data Management Platform

Perspective on the Benefits of a Master Data Management Platform

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With the sheer volume available today, most hedge funds and private equity firms consume data from a variety of sources such as market data providers, counterparties, fund admins and accounting systems. As a result, data is processed and consumed at multiple touchpoints, which can lead to dataset duplication and quality issues. However, implementing a robust master data management platform will enable funds to mitigate these challenges while simultaneously providing efficiencies and tangible insights. Read More