Perspective on the benefits of a Master Data Management Platform

Perspective on the Benefits of a Master Data Management Platform

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With the sheer volume available today, most hedge funds and private equity firms consume data from a variety of sources such as market data providers, counterparties, fund admins and accounting systems. As a result, data is processed and consumed at multiple touchpoints, which can lead to dataset duplication and quality issues. However, implementing a robust master data management platform will enable funds to mitigate these challenges while simultaneously providing efficiencies and tangible insights. Read More

How Efficient Data Management is contributing to the bottom line

How Efficient Data Management is Contributing to the Bottom Line

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Time is money and, in serving clients, distance is also money. Until now, distance has primarily meant miles between the jobsite and office, but it’s no longer just physical separation we need to worry about. Gaps or poor efficiency in data management can also be costly, so ensuring the integrity of your data is paramount to making the right decisions about every aspect of your business. Read More

Unlock hidden value with proper data governance

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As fund managers continue to operate in remote and decentralized environments, many are seeking ways to unlock more value from their data across various business functions. Through these initiatives, the need for proper data governance has become arguably more important than ever before for firms to achieve operational and organizational success. Read More

The Need for Data Governance in the COVID-19 Era

The Need for Data Governance in the COVID-19 Era

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Financial markets around the world have experienced a great deal of stress and turmoil due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Leading to unprecedented levels of risk and significant challenges spanning the middle and back office, the new environment has forced funds to reevaluate and enhance their digital transformation. Read More