Automating the Pricing and Valuation
Process for Asset Managers

How to streamline the pricing and valuation
process to move away from manually intensive spreadsheets


To prove alpha, funds need to calculate the price of every position in the portfolio. Pricing involves a great deal of time-consuming work, from data collection to rules application and pricing tests. For more exotic asset classes, highly illiquid securities, structured credit and mark-to-model securities, pricing and valuation can be a daunting task.

In this webinar, our subject matter experts will discuss the nuances and complexities involved in the pricing and valuation process, breakdown the intricacies while dealing with structured credit and illiquid securities, and explore how automation can pave a path to move away from manually intensive spreadsheets.


  • How to achieve more efficient daily and monthly pricing
  • Pricing of illiquid securities like loans, structured products and private deals
  • Dealing with pricing vendors, broker statements and broker runs
  • Automation of challenges and solicitations
  • Excel add-in for ease of use and front-office participation
  • Curve Data Management
  • Demo of IVP Price Master
  • Q&A

Key takeaways

  • Ways to reduce the time spent on pricing the portfolio every day and at month end
  • Leveraging technology to get quotes from PDF statements / broker messages
  • Understanding some of the most prevalent pricing tests used across the industry
  • Ways to reduce the overall costs associated with pricing data

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Automating the Pricing and Valuation Process for Asset Managers