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How Efficient Data Management is contributing to the bottom line

How Efficient Data Management is Contributing to the Bottom Line

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Time is money and, in serving clients, distance is also money. Until now, distance has primarily meant miles between the jobsite and office, but it’s no longer just physical separation we need to worry about. Gaps or poor efficiency in data management can also be costly, so ensuring the integrity of your data is paramount to making the right decisions about every aspect of your business. Read More

Asset Management's Digital Transformation Drives Forward

Asset Management’s Digital Transformation Drives Forward

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The asset management industry continues to face intense pressure to quickly adapt and transform due to the unique challenges that are now present across funds’ internal operations as a result of the remote work environment. Due to an inherent lack of operational transparency and control functions, managers have begun to significantly increase their attention on building efficiencies around their core processes by accelerating their digital transformation to achieve long-term success in the new normal. Read More

Expense Allocation System Checlist: Is your fund at risk?

Expense Allocation System Checklist: Is your fund at risk?

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With the sheer volume and complexity of expense allocation rules, managers that currently rely on manual processes significantly increase their risk of costly errors. Adding to work-from-home and remote challenges, funds face additional risk and issues with the coordination of key stakeholders to approve invoices, and collation of the AUM number, investment holdings and ownership ratios.

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Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Risk with Cash Payment Process Controls

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The payment and settlement process is an area that every manager should treat with extreme care as a simple mistake can cost firms a fortune. With the use of manual processes and controls, firms are far more susceptible to error, however; there are several measures that have garnered popularity and traction over the years that firms can implement to help avoid this risk, which we’ve outlined below: Read More