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May 2020

Mitigate Risk factors in Cash Management

Mitigate Risk Factors in Cash Management

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Throughout the payment operations process, as in every other sphere of business, risk management is crucial. Some organizations, especially alternative asset management firms, deal in many high value transactions on a daily basis, leading to a number of factors that can pose an immense risk on their business.

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Data Governance Engine for Driving Growth in the Finance Industry

Data Governance: Engine for Driving Growth in the Finance Industry

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Organizational success depends on certain core building blocks that work in alignment with common business objectives. These main building blocks include business activities, data and analytics, but we believe the most important ingredient to organizational success is data governance. Although it has been somewhat of an abstract concept until now, data governance has been shown to provide cohesion in the standards to align people, processes, data and technology for successful and sustainable results while simultaneously helping organizations leverage data as a corporate asset.

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